Raising Beds

Last year, we put in six raised beds made up of red masonry blocks. This year, we’re adding one more bed to use up the leftover blocks.

The number one reason for having raised beds in our area is gophers. We want to avoid having them dig up and eat the garden just when it’s ready for harvest. One year the gophers were even eating whole onions. So we move everything up, and the masonry heats up, and keeps the soil warmer. The height of these raised beds is especially nice because we’re not bending over or kneeling on the ground. One can easily sit on the edge of bed for working.

The bed is dug out and wire is placed on top of the ground. Standard chicken wire only lasts a couple years underground so we’ve found a heavier gauge wire.

beds - 1

Then gravel is poured in to provide a level foundation.


Now we’re ready to stack the blocks and then fill with soil.

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