Unbeatable Eggs

My friend, DC, was asking recently about raising your own chickens. He wondered if you could tell the difference in the quality of the eggs: taste, color, or texture. “No, not really,” I said to him. Although I’ve heard people rave about the differences, I’ve thought the claims to be exaggerated. I haven’t found my own eggs to be dramatically different from good quality eggs in our market. However, some groceries have cheap “factory-fresh eggs”, and the yolks lack the color and size of what I’ve seen from our own chickens.

I was reminded of the conversation this morning when I fetched eggs from the chicken house. When I cracked open the eggs into a bowl, I really noticed the yolks, and how big and bright they were. So for today, I can say that the eggs from my chickens are unbeatable.


But not so unbeatable that I couldn’t proceed to do just that with a whisk. With a handful of spinach from the garden, I made a spinach and cheese omlette for two. That plate made me truly grateful that I have chickens. Vive le difference!


One thought on “Unbeatable Eggs

  1. I read a study a couple of months ago in the paper that eggs from happy chickens like yours have virtually no bad cholesterol, whereas eggs from stressed out factory farmed chickens are little heart attacks waiting to happen…

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