Space: The DIY Frontier (MAKE: Vol 24 about to launch)


MAKE blasts into orbit and beyond with our DIY SPACE issue. Put your
own satellite in orbit, launch a stratosphere balloon probe, and
analyze galaxies for $20 with an easy spectrograph! We talk to the
rocket mavericks reinventing the space industry, and renegade NASA
hackers making smartphone robots and Lego satellites. Of course, as
usual, we’ve got a full payload of other cool DIY projects, from a
helium-balloon camera that’s better than Google Earth, to an
electromagnetic levitator that shoots aluminum rings, to a simple
stroboscope that takes the most amazing freeze-frame photos.  Plus:
party-pleasing automated photo booth that prints out photo strips,
MythBusters’ Adam Savage teaches you hard-shell moldmaking, and much
more.  MAKE Volume 24, on sale October 26.

Short listing of articles:

Making Your Own Satellites by Chris Boshuizen – Build and launch your
own sat for as little at $8,000
Rocket Men by Charles Platt – Mavericks of the Private Space Industry
Listening to Satellites by Diana Eng – Tune in to space with a
homemade yagi antenna
Weather Balloon Space Probes by John Baichtal – Sense, signal and snap
photos in the stratosphere.
High Resolution Spectrograph b Simon Quellen Field – Lab-worthy
spectrum analysis for cheap
Five Cool Participatory Space Projects by Ariel Waldman
Cash Prizes for Space Scientists by John Baichtal – A summary of
student and professional challenges
Space Science Gadgets You Can Make for NASA – by Matthew F. Reyes
Open Sourcing Space by Dale Dougherty

And more…

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