Miles O’Brien of PBS NewsHour Interview at Make Labs


We had Miles O'Brien and a crew from PBS Newshour in the office shooting video and doing an interview with me.  They are doing a show on education and making.   They will be coming to the Maker Faire.

I was particularly proud to show off the new space.   I loved how it's starting to show what we do at Make and what's in the magazine and our projects.    The office is becoming a showcase of what we do and how we do it.  Steve Hoefer (Secret Knock Gumball Machine) came up and showed off his machine.   Maker Shed products were visible so we could see everything and pull out ones that we wanted to feature.   Even the new signs looked great.   

I got a chance to talk about education and making, which gets me fired up!

Photo by new web producer, Jake Spurlock.

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