A World of Making

The comment below from a 13 year old from Pakistan was added to my “All of Us Are Makers” TED talk, showing the worldwide appeal of making.

Sep 8 2011: Hi, I’m 13 and in school and making is my passion.I live in a Pakistan I still manage to make with whatever I have.
So far i have won every science fair I’ve been in.
I recently participated in my countries (National Engineering Robotics Contest) and competed with college students.
And I make things now and then but i still have a lot to learn and i look forward to learning more as I hope to have a career in engineering and I really hope to be able to make with someone to help me in the future but I will always look forward to learning anything about making from little toy cars to giant cranes.

Thanks, Bob Kaehms, for calling it to my attention.

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