Unbeatable Eggs

My friend, DC, was asking recently about raising your own chickens. He wondered if you could tell the difference in the quality of the eggs: taste, color, or texture. “No, not really,” I said to him. Although I’ve heard people rave about the differences, I’ve thought the claims to be exaggerated. I haven’t found my own eggs to be dramatically different from good quality eggs in our market. However, some groceries have cheap “factory-fresh eggs”, and the yolks lack the color and size of what I’ve seen from our own chickens.

I was reminded of the conversation this morning when I fetched eggs from the chicken house. When I cracked open the eggs into a bowl, I really noticed the yolks, and how big and bright they were. So for today, I can say that the eggs from my chickens are unbeatable.


But not so unbeatable that I couldn’t proceed to do just that with a whisk. With a handful of spinach from the garden, I made a spinach and cheese omlette for two. That plate made me truly grateful that I have chickens. Vive le difference!


Three Australops

I’m out of town so Milo met Farmer John for the delivery of some new laying hens:

I picked up the Australorps and put them in a rabbit cage for now. I talked with John for a while and gathered some great information. John said that the roosters would torment the Australorps so I’m not sure if we should put them together right away.