More Blogging, Less Social Media in 2019

It has been over six years since I wrote a personal blog.   Now, to begin 2019, it’s time to go back and recover my blog as a place of refuge from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  So that’s my New Year’s Resolution.  I need to write more but I think I need my own space to do that.

I simply don’t trust social media platforms anymore.  This week, Facebook tells me again that they are sorry about sharing my personal data with other companies.  I’m sorry but I cannot forgive them for allowing their platform to be abused by Russian troll factories and all kinds of other bots.  I not only do not trust these platforms but I don’t believe that we really know who is using these platforms.Despite what they say in ads, Facebook is undermining the communities it says it is supporting.  By focusing on user growth, not community, Facebook has become less and less useful.  For a while they seemed essential for business and there were benefits personally as well to connect easily.  Still I’m not a fan of deleting my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I migrated away from blogs because Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were easier to use than blogging platforms.   They also shaped what you wrote and who you thought was consuming them.  Now I’m happy to see that there’s a new WordPress editor that makes the whole process of blogging easier.

More thinking, less reacting.   That’s also my New Year’s resolution.