Making Lavender Wreaths

As the lavender blooms in our yard, I wanted to find time to make a lavender wreath. A friend made a wreath from our lavender last year and it was time to replace it. I studied the example and Nancy and I sought to make our own. I also recall looking through a book of projects from William Morris and admiring a lavender wreath project.


Follow the link to my Flickr photoset to learn more about the process. Of course, the wonderful thing about making lavender wreaths is that you’re wrapped up in the smell of lavender for the entire time and then when you hang it on the wall, the fragrance stays around. You do get used to the smell and stop recognizing it but a friend walking in will comment on it and remind that it’s there. We made two wreaths on Sunday, one for our house and one for a friend. Nancy made several more the following day.

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