Kimmies of the Codgy Moshe

I came upon this exhibit of old tractors and tools at the Mendocino County Fair, which ran this weekend in Boonville, California. I saw this unusual sign for the exhibit:

Kimmies Sign

I wondered what the heck it meant and learned that it was a phrase in the local Boontling dialect created in the valley here. “Kimmies” means men, and it can mean young men or old men. “Codgy” means old, similar to “codger” and moshe means “machines.” The fellow who explained it to me said that it meant “Once-Young Men and their Old Machines.”

A colorful expression for a bunch of colorful machines such as the old Deere below, which was in operation:

Gas burning tractor

Here’s a display of “varmint” traps and a pelt stretcher:

pelt stretcher

For more on Bootling, see this resource on the website of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company. You can learn how to harp, which is to speak Boontling.

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