Spending The Saturday Penny on Toffee

From How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn

“I had my Saturday penny when I was quite small, and I used to buy
toffee with it from Mrs. Rhys the Glasfryn. She made the toffee in
pans and then rolled it all up and threw it soft at a nail behind the
door, where it stuck. Then she took a handful with both hands and
pulled it towards her, then threw the slack back on the nail again.
That went on for half an hour or more until she was satisfied it was
hard enough, and then she let it lie to flatten out. Hours I have
waited in her front room with my penny in my hand, and my mouth full
of spit, thinking of the toffee, and sniffing the smell of sugar and
cream and eggs. You could chew that toffee for hours, it seems to me
now, and never lose the taste of it, and even after it had gone down,
you could swallow and still find the taste hiding behind your tongue.”

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