Limor Fried leads off at Open Source Hardware Summit

Limor talks about her own development of electronics projects, starting with MP3 players and a cellphone jammer at MIT. Then she reverse engineered a synthesizer. She wanted to share the work so that “others didn’t have to go through the same frustrating process to build something that had already been built.”

One reason for doing Open Source Hardware is to share the work you’ve done with others. Then there are haters, who are frustrating to deal with. Being good at Open Source hardware and being good at business are two different things. Turn your fear of getting ripped off into a sense of pride that your design was chosen to be ripped off. Biggest reason for doing open source software is the awesome community. We are giving to the community. We are letting go of our Art so that it can grow up. What we make will outlast us. She does open source hardware to make herself a better engineer. #openhwsummit


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