Catalan Wine Press and Mill Stones

I visited the Museu d’Histoira Catalonya in Barcelona today and enjoyed finding examples of technology for making wine and flour. 

This large double-screw winepress is called a premsa de llibant.   It uses a thick rope at its center, which serves as a basket. According to the accompanying sign, winemaking in this Catalan region began to expand in the 18th century but the methods and tools had not changed since Roman and medieval times.    This press represented an innovation on the larger beam press, which usually was shared in a village. The new lighter winepress could be located at the vineyard.  

There were two hand-powered grist mills that caught my attention.   One mill was powered by a single-hand crank.   The other allowed you to apply both hands to the task.    I presume these were of a size that might have been used in homes as household tools.  





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