Teacher Voice: “f**ked company” insight into American schools

I just came across TeacherVoice.com and it kind of reminds me of what
“f**ked company” was, but for schools. It’s a site that solicits the
opinion of teachers about the schools they work in and the
administration they work for. Because submissions are anonymous, the
reviews can be nasty. It might not be entirely fair but there’s good
and bad here (which applies to the writing as well). Some are quite
balanced in praising good qualities “cares about the kids” against
failings “not a good manager.” It makes for some interesting reading.

Here’s one place to begin: http://teachervoice.com/ReviewStream.aspx?p=2

One teacher’s review of the principal at the “School for Inquiry and
Social Justice” in the Bronx, NY says:

“A legitimate sociopath. Has issues with intelligent women. Always
speaks of her years of experience despite only teaching 4 years. Any
incompetent lazy laird can be promoted by being a mole and kiss ass
(i.e., ELA coach and dean). Refuses to acknowledge accomplishments of
great teachers if she has a personal issue with you (smarter,
prettier, too liked among the staff, etc.). She would often pull me in
for meetings and discuss events where I had disappointed her even
though the events NEVER OCCURRED. Coincidentally, every meeting I was
brought in for was always the day following me turning the current
dean’s advances. She wanted a certain ELA teacher to date his ELA
partner (real professional) and never stopped bullying me when she
found out that the ELA teacher and I had been dating for years.”

This is a magnet school that got an A on its 2009-2010 Progress Report
from the NYC Department of Ed.
GreatSchools,org gives it a score of 3 out of 10 based on its test
scores. (The varying reports says something about the validity of

Some reviews are witty, even if nasty, such as this one-sentence
advice about working for a Prince Edward County High principal:

“You have options, but turning a jerk, sociopath, psychopath, or
narcissist into prince charming isn’t one of them.”

Or a Superintendent in Leander, TX is said to have “got his job only
because he was chosen by the previous superintendent who was in
Leander ISD since 13 B.C.”

As I said, some are positive, as this review of a middle school
principal in San Bernadino County, CA:

“A principal with strong principles who will never be accused of not
doing her job. A self described workaholic who expects everyone to do
their best.”

The FAQ says the site was created by a California teacher who, as a
new teacher looking for a job, wanted to know more about the schools
that he or she might work in. Many remarks are astonishing, pointing
out the high level of dissatisfaction of teachers with the environment
they work in and the low level of trust present in schools between
teachers and administrators. It would make me question myself if I
were young and considering teaching as a career.

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