Content curation

By Scot Abel

Because most organizations don’t have enough original content to publish an update every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, a little creative thinking is required in order to load your social network properties with interesting information.


Creative thinking is abundant in the art world. When we think of creativity, we usually think about artists, galleries and art museums. But the business success of art is directly influenced by the decisions made by another creative type — the curator.

Curators who work for galleries and museums scour the planet for art they believe will interest and engage their patrons. They cull these offerings together into collections, aka exhibits, shows, weaved together by a common theme (e.g. Native American artists) and often displayed in interesting ways (e.g. watercolor paintings displayed in Moscow train cars).

By extension, organizations hoping to attract attention to their brands must become both curators and publishers of content collections. They must become the ‘go-to source’ for relevant information in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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