Microcosm offers to trade-in your kindle for print books

Nice rear-guard action.  

From: Jessie Duke <duke.jessie@gmail.com>
Date: January 21, 2011 2:48:18 PM PST
To: duke.jessie@gmail.com

Microcosm Publishing Says, “Bring In Your Kindle, We’ll Give You its Worth in Real Books!”
Only One Week Left!

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessie Duke | jessie@microcosmpublishing.com | 812.391.4159

Do you love print? Do you still read books? Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? Do you want to trade in your soulless faux-literary technology for its worth in good old fashion books? Well, friends, Microcosm Publishing’s got your back! Until the end of January you can bring in your Christmas Kindle to the Microcosm store in Portland (636 SE 11th) and trade it in for its worth in new or used books and zines! That’s right! Why let fad technology kill print when you can take a stand and fill up your shelves in the process? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell your parents!) And make sure to bring a friend to help you carry all your loot! Most of Microcosm’s books are priced in the $2-$6 range so a $139-$379 trade-in (note: going retail for the Kindle at Amazon’s site, various models) you might be carrying your books out in a fleet of wheelbarrows!

On Amazon’s Kindle page you’ll be able to read glowing endorsements like the following, “My first impression of Kindle’s screen was: ‘That’s a screen?! It doesn’t look like a screen.’… It looks like a book page, only perfect. No grain or pulp. — Jeremy”

Well, you know what, Jeremy? We love the grain and pulp. Long live the grain and pulp! Long live the PAGE.

For interviews with Microcosm founder Joe Biel about the Great Christmas Kindle Trade In, please shoot us an email and we’ll hook it up!

Thanks for helping to keep print alive!

Microcosm Publishing book and zine store
636 SE 11th
Portland, Oregon
Seven days a week
Kindle Trade lasts until the end of January

ABOUT MICROCOSM PUBLISHING: As a not-for-profit, collectively-run publisher and distributor of zines and related work, Microcosm Publishing strives to add credibility to zine writers and their ethics, teach self empowerment, show hidden history, and nurture people’s creative side! Now based in Bloomington, IN and Portland, OR, Joe Biel started the distro and then-record-label out of his bedroom in 1996. Since then we’ve grown to become one of the largest zine distributors in the world, reaching an international audience through our website and retail store.

ABOUT THE MICROCOSM PUBLISHING ZINE STORE Since opening doors in August 2008, the Microcosm zine and book store has moved twice to larger locations. In an age when out-of-touch doomsayers are hoping to drive the final nail in the print media coffin, Microcosm continues to prove that people still buy books and zines and that running a DIY bookstore (and publishing books) in this day and age isn’t a damned proposition. The new store location is in the massive 636 SE 11th building shared with likeminded folks Eberhardt Press and Printed Matter (and a skateramp). The store is open seven days a week and features a full scale reading area and coffee counter. Check with http://www.micrcosmpublishing.com for regular author signings, readings, and potlucks!

Jessie Duke
Microcosm Publishing
Press Department
609 Rock Creek Dr.
Lansing, KS 66043
Check out our new releases! http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/our_published_titles
Facebook :: facebook.com/microcosmpublishing
Twitter :: twitter.com/microcosmmm
Myspace :: myspace.com/microcosmpublishing

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