Maker Faire – Frontier of Next Era of Prosperity

The future being created right now at Maker Faire, in TechShop, and at Startup Weekends is the leading frontier of our next era of economic prosperity.”  This is the conclusion from an article by Dane Stangler titled “Do It Yourself: Creating a Producer Society” and published by the Progressive Policy Institute.   

Stangler writes that America needs to shift from being a consumer society to a producer society.   He’s not calling for a return to factories and old-style manufacturing.  Maker Faire is signalling something new.  

A new producer society is already taking shape all across the country, driven by very real grassroots movements in tinkering, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, entrepreneurship, and even manufacturing. This is not the producer society of auto assembly or equipment manufacturing.

Come see the future this weekend at Maker Faire.   More importantly, become part of that future by joining with others who see themselves “making the future.”   

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