Bags of Wool

I was happy to have wool from my sheep used in the needle felting projects at the table organized by Mary Macaulay and friends. She wrote me several weeks before Maker Faire asking if I had any wool. I did. Yes, sir.

I had the wool shipped with our other stuff to Austin, which arrived Monday before the Faire. Mary picked up the two bags and took them to Texas Fiber Mill where Deborah Sharp cleaned and picked the wool.

Here’s the wool being used in Mary’s space.


Mary wrote me after the Faire. Her note makes proud on a number of levels.

We felt really good about our booth, and were most happy to receive an Editor’s Choice Award. There were many appreciative felters thanks to you. It was an awesome educational experience, and fun for the Makers.

I got a little accounting from Deborah Sharp if you are interested. The white wool weighed in at 7.4 lbs. and 5.0 lbs. after washing and picking. The cost was $51.80, which she donated. The brown wool weighed 7.8 lbs and 4.9 lbs. after washing and picking. The cost was $54.60. She too helped us out immensely with these donations of processing.

We could never have done this without your contribution.

Thanks to Mary and Deborah for their great work.

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